Guests of 9th AegeanDocs Festival

1-6 October at Limnos and Mytilene


Guests/Καλεσμένοι 9oυ AegeanDocs

27 Έλληνες και ξένοι δημιουργοί, παραγωγοί, θεσμικοί παράγωντες, παρατηρητές και υποστηρικτές ταξιδεύουν στη Μύρινα/Λήμνος και στην Μυτιλήνη/Λέσβος για να συμμετέχουν στο φεστιβάλ και να συζητήσουν με το κοινό τις ταινίες τους και τις εμπειρίες τους

27 Greek and foreign filmmakers, producers, institutional actors, observers and supporters travel to Myrina / Lemnos and Mytilene/Lesvos to participate in the festival and discuss with the public their films and their experiences

Greeks και Foreign Guests:

Antonis Tolakis, Director, Greece

Marc Gastine, Director, Greece/France

Lina Manolopoulou, Member of Greek Film Center/Hellas Film

Anastasia Dosidi, Translator/presenter, Greece

Kostas Spiropoulos, Director, Greece

Chara Lampidou, Production Manager, Greece

Georgios Talianis, Filmmaker, Greece

Olivier Pollet, Director, Portugal (Film: Ophir)  

Anastasis Dallis, Director, Greece (Film: Letters)

Lefteris Fylaktos, Director, Greece (Film: Lost in The Woods)

Thanasis Kafetsis, Director, Greece (Film: The Gospel of Mischiel)

Anne Phillips, Director and Producer, USA (Film: Jim Allison:Breakthrough)

Meletis Miras, Director Greece (Film: Close to the Core)

Aggeliki Antoniou, Director Greece/Germany (Film:The Unknown Athenians)

Simona Cocozza, Director, Italy (Film: From the Sidelines)

Samantha Cito, Director/producer, Italy (Film: From the Sidelines)

Spiros Alidakis, Director, Greece (Film: Homage)

Dimitris Tragalos, Director, Greece (Film: All the Rembets of The Word)

Gounali Stavroula Chilnta, Observer, Greece

Chrystalla Avgousti, Director/Journalist, Cyprus (Film: Mendil)

Lida Agiomamiti, Producer, Cyprus (Film: Mendil)

Marianna Kakaounaki, Director/Journalist, Greece (Film: Invisible)

Christos lampidis, volunteer, Greece

Aggeliki Nikitopoulou, volunteer, Greece

Efi Sialevri, Director, Greece

Panajiotis Vekris, Director, Greece (Film: Marianna’s Tower)

Katerina Tsialiou, Director, Greece