Huthayfa (9 min), Wala Sa’adeh, Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society


Thursday 5/10/2017, 19:30, Theatre Workshop Chrisomallousas

Hoda (10 min), Greece

Hend (13 min), Greece


Tuesday 3/10/2017, 21:50, Arion cinema
Thursday 5/10/2017, 18:30, Municipal Theater of Mytilene

Yet another refugee family in dangerous road to Greece was divided. The father with the children were found in Germany while the mother with her youngest injured daughter in Mytilene. The effort and the suspense is not bent nor a moment up to find her family and manage to reunite. The tears that escape are for the joy that she managed at the end but also the unhappiness of that she should be separated from her beloved of people standing by her until that time.

Field of Hope (16 min), Yasar University, Turkey


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 13:15, Municipal Theater of Mytilene

Omar and Muhammed are two young boys who have arrived to Turkey as refugees. Football is very important in their lives. They have founded the team “Suriye İzmir Spor” with some young people in İzmir. Their most important aim is to become a football player in a professional team.

Come with me (6 min), Yasar University, Turkey


Thursday 5/10/2017, 19:20, Theatre Workshop Chrisomallousas


Maha is a mother at her 40s escapes from Syria with her six children. Losing her husband, her house and her hope, she considers going to Sweden from illegal ways. She struggles to survive in İzmir until she meets Şüra who changes her mind and life.

Citizen journalist (13 min), Hammodeh Makkawei, Arab Women Media Center


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 13:30, Municipal Theater of Mytilene

After almost five decades of the absence of any independent media presence in Syria as a result of the government’s monopoly on the media, the 2011 revolution opened the door to the emergence of citizen journalism and the birth of independent media in areas that have emerged from the control of the regime or in the exile of neighboring countries.

Bassel (9 min), Istanbouli Theater, Tyro Lebanon


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 20:00, Theatre Workshop Chrisomallousas

When Bassel and his brothers left their hometown in Syria, they had in their mind the destiny their father had been drawing for them: Nabatiyeh, Lebanon, the city of miracles. But when they arrived nothing was as expected and in their new condition of refugees they found restrictions everywhere, even of movement. Until one day, when Bassil noticed a small cinema was being restored.

Hoop Dreams (170 min), Steve James, USA


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 20:20, Arion cinema

3½ Minutes, Ten Bullets (98 min), Marc Silver, USA


Friday 6/10/2017, 20:40, Municipal Theater of Mytilene


The Interrupters (125 min), Steve James, USA


Thursday 5/10/2017, 19:00, Municipal Theater of Mytilene