Amorgou street, Athens (10 min), Dimitris Rorris, Greece


Friday 6/10/2017, 18:50, Municipal Theater of Mytilene

A glance (15 min), Panagiotis Athinaios, Greece


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 19:45, Arion cinema


A glance, is the title for a documentary about the story of Ali Shikh Hasan, a Syrian refugee who lives in Camp Elaionas, who came to Greece in order to avoid the bad situations that happening in his country. In the same time, we see his efforts, to go to Germany, so that he would be able to cure his eyes from the injury he got in the war in Syria.

A Face in the Croud (11 min), Panagiotis Athinaios, Greece


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 20:00, Arion cinema

“A Face in the Croud” is about the story of Abushiam, a palestinian refugee, who was born, grew up, lived in a refugee camp in Lebanon, only to found himself again in another camp, Elaionas. What he wants the most now, is to reunite with his family in Germany as soon as possible.

Anatoli (11 min), Greece


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 20:40, New Archaeological Museum of LesvosLabor Club of Lesvos
Thursday 5/10/2017, 18:00, Municipal Theater of Mytilene

Waiting in the Gray Zone (7 min), Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society, Palestine


Thursday 5/10/2017, 19:25, Theatre Workshop Chrisomallousas

Ugarit (15 min), Hammodeh Makkawei, Arab Women Media Center, Jordan


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 13:00, Municipal Theater of Mytilene


Two Faces of Camera (18 min), Yasar University, Turkey


Thursday 5/10/2017, 19:00, Theatre Workshop Chrisomallousas

Ahmet is a Syrian refugee at his 20s. While interviewing with Ahmet, it turns out that he was annoyed with the media attention. Then the documentary team equipped Ahmet with a recording device and made him to do his own interviews in his neighbourhood.

Stand by Me (11 min), Greece


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 19:00, Arion cinema
Friday 6/10/2017, 20:35, New Archaeological Museum of Lesvos


Mosaik (14 min), Michalis Aivaliotis, Sarigiannaki Despina, Greece


Tuesday 3/10/2017, 22:15, Arion cinema
Thursday 5/10/2017, 18:15, Municipal Theater of Mytilene


The main character of the movie is Linda, a refugee from Syria, who lives and works on the island of Lesbos. In Mytilini she met her life partner, Nour, and now together they shape the path of their common life. On the island, she utilizes her time with educational activities (Mosaik and School of Second Chance) and by participating in groups that manage the refugee crisis.

Ma Fi (10 min), Istanbouli Theater, Tyro Lebanon


Wednesday 4/10/2017, 20:10, Theatre Workshop Chrisomallousas


Yousef is a Palestinian-syrian refugee who fled from the Syrian war in Yarmouk to live in a Lebanese refugee camp with his sick grandfather, where he struggles to keep him alive.