Why Dad? (25min), Evrikomi Savva, Greece


Sunday 1/10/2017, 18:00, Municipal Theater of Mytilene
Wednesday 4/10/2017, 11:30, Municipal Theater of Mytilene
Thursday 5/10/2017, 21:30, Arion cinema

“Why Dad?” is an experiential documentary film based on historical research, as well as personal narratives and testimonies, through which it attempts to illuminate the everyday life of the children of the Civil War and the silences of a tough period of civil unrest by means of the method of oral history. The hitherto unknown childhood of its protagonists is also brought to light.

The lack of opportunities in education, lost innocence, orphanhood, division, fear, sadness, deprivation, uprooting, lament, social inequalities, are all brought to the fore by means of the shift between past and present. On the other hand, this film also reveals the way in which a second chance in Education and Lifelong Learning can fulfill a life dream and provide answers not only to the question “Why dad?” but also to one of the many whys of the protagonists … “We, my child, remained illiterate. “