Roots (28’), Eliza Soroga & Aegle Drakou, Greece

Mr. Dimitris and Mrs.Dimitroula (28’), Tzeli Hadjidimitriou, Greece

Giorgos and Polya (11’), Polina Moshenska, Greece/Ukraine 

Balsamon (23’), Efi Sialevri, Greece


Maria Seitanidou, a young woman, who lives in the Greek island of Lesvos, is striving to balance her daily commitments, family life and work. Singing is her healing, her “balsamon” as this soothing force is called in Greek. You will find her in children’s hugs, in dancing circles and merry hearts. Through her voice she travels from past to present, from earth to sky

The Bright Side Greece (7’), Nikoleta Paraschi & Gergia Salambasi, Greece


In the workshop of the hope project, the refugees of Moria are trying to regain their lost human status through artistic creation. The film focuses on the role of art and on the bright side of human existence at the critical time of survival.

Watch Me (84’), Klara Van Es, Belgium


How do people with a disability look at themselves, at each other and at us? And how do we look at them? In a poetic black and white, we peek inside the minds of Nadine, Sofie, Sam, Quan, Mathias and Jessica, who all live in a care center for people with reduced mental possibilities. While they unravel their emotions over the course of 1 year’s time, they teach us about the world and especially about ourselves.

Love & Sex & Rock’n Wheekchair (45’), Susanna Wuestneck, Germany


The documentary "Love & Sex & Rocknrollstuhl" tells about the life with disability and longing for love and sexuality. Nicola, Stefan, Wiebke and Emanuel live with a physical disability and in different life situations. They all longing for love and sexuality, so they meet one day at an erotic workshop in the Institute for Self-Determination of the Disabled in a small german town.


Advocate (110’), Rachel Leah Jones, Israel / Canada / Switzerland


Lea Tsemel is a Jewish-Israeli lawyer who has represented Palestinian defendants in court for nearly 50 years, without prejudice: from feminists to fundamentalists; from non-violent demonstrators to armed militants. A touching portrait of a woman who dedicated her life to the quest for justice, a tireless defender of human rights.

A look from a wheelchair (82 min), Oleh Pavliuchenkov, Ukraine

The unique experience and life-asserting position of Mykola Podrezan is not available for a large audience. That is why the audio-visual project “Documentary film. A look from a wheelchair has a purpose to create the public disclosure of Mykola Podrezan’s private initiative achievements, meaning to create a modern documentary film about the travelling of a wheelchair person around the cultural sites (museums, theaters, concert halls etc.)of the Ukrainian cities (Lviv, Kyiv, Vinnytsia), during the film he will inspect the accessibility of the cultural sites for the disabled people, and in particular he will show and speak about the achieved experience from World’s most famous cultural sites and attractions. The documentary film is structured in two parallel lines: 1. The line of a real Ukrainian wheelchair citizens’ life and their opportunity to join the cultural life of the country. 2. The line of Mykola Podrezan’s around-the-world travelling (demonstration of the unique photo and video archive materials from the world most famous cultural attractions and their help to implement the rights of the disabled wheelchair people).

Diaries from the field Nicholas Papachrysostomou, (27'),  an internal production of Médecins Sans Frontières Greece