13 Seconds (10’), Milad Tangshir, Iran

In November 2017, a devastating earthquake hit Iran. It took only 13 seconds to lose everything. This film is an impressionistic look at the afterwards.

OUD (26’), Mourad Haimer, Algeria

After the fire (12’), Andranik Berberian, Ukraine

In the midst of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, a Russian-born field surgeon works desperately to save the lives of her adopted Ukrainian brethren. In the process, she searches for what it means to be a patriot in a country torn apart by questions of national identity. Is Ukraine a mere satellite of Russia, or can it find a national story of its own?

The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU (25’), Rodrigo Sena, Brazil

A Skewed Conversation (15’), Ahmed Hamed & Eman Hussein, Egypt

Haenyo, the women of the sea (6’), Éloïc Gimenez, France

This film focuses on the life of the Haenyo, the diving women of Jeju in South Korea, with 7 idiomatic expressions from the island. The animated sketches also highlight the musicality of the spoken language.

One after the other (13’), Nicolas Pégon, France


A documentary on the everyday life of Grant Sabin, young talent of the American Blues.

Kotpad Weaving-The Story of a Race Against time (29’), Biswanath Rath, India

OUTSIDER (18'), Gülce Candaş, Turkey


Views of a View (24’), Anastasios Dallis, Greece