When Tomatoes Met Wagner (70’), Marianna Economou, Greece 

Tassel (44’), Matthaios Kapetanakis, Greece

OLGA FIASKA | (Race) walking to the top (50'), Vaggelis Papantonis, Greece

Peace vs Piece – Part I: The resistance of Palestinian women in Hebron (70’), Alexia Tsouni, Greece

KETHEA Mosaic: 15 years of mosaic of Emotions (54 '), Ioannis Xirouchakis, Greece

From the Edge of Sanity (24’), Milana Majar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Don’t let them kill the olive trees (6’), Nejla Osseiran, Turkey

In June 2017, when the people of Gülpinar village found out about the geothermal energy excavation in the middle of their olive groves, they immediately filed a lawsuit to stop and cancel the execution. As the drilling work accelerated, the people became aware of the danger so without waiting for the court decision, they started a watch to prevent the machines from harming their olive trees. The olive watch lasted 33 days and nights and ended when the drilling site was completely vacated from the drilling machines.

The future of Priapus (5’), Nejla Osseiran, Turkey

After retiring, Emine Coşkun settles in Karabiga because its air was good for her health and its nature was perfect. Later, however, she learns that a thermal coal power plant using coal would be built there. After a long struggle against this, she starts thinking that Karabiga 39 future will be as dark as its name. Anna coach his sons MMA fighters. To fight son as she prepares to secular events. The whole course of the match written on her face, Anna is going through twice and as a mom and as a coach.

Night Nursing (28’), Rudikova Anna, Russia

Polacki Vals (30’), Volha Dashuk, Belarus

Vasil Granouski is 58 years old. He lives in the country and is the head of a local choir with very old singers. Vasia’s accordion is also old, it lacks several keys. Vasia’s car, in which he usually drives his artists, is out of order and starts not always.